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    The Unanticipated Consequences Of Gum Disease

    The latest research suggests that gum disease, a common and discomforting disease, is so much more than just that. Mounting evidence points to the many unrelated health problems caused by gum disease bacteria. Maintaining your oral health is, therefore, not only vital for your oral health but also general health.

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    Oral health & High Blood Pressure

    If you have poor oral health and hypertension, watch out. Latest medical research indicates that poor oral health can get in the way of blood pressure control and affect hypertension treatment. According to the study published in the American Heart Association's journal, patients with good oral health are more likely to benefit from planned medication for high blood pressure, reported Science Daily.

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    Oral Care And Substance Abuse Recovery

    Patients recovering from substance use disorder have a better chance at drug abstinence, recovery, and improved quality of life, including professional and personal life if they take care of their oral health. The latest study points to a link between proper oral care and emotional and physical emotional recovery of a patient receiving treatment for substance use disorder.

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    Measles Other ATDs

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) recommends that dental practices should screen all their patients for highly contagious viruses and other aerosol transmissible diseases before administering dental treatment to ensure adequate disease prevention.

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    Smooching Your Pet

    Getting wet licks from your dog, cat, or another pet on your mouth is often considered a healthy expression of love and concern. Wanting and showing affection is not surprising as your shaggy bundle of love and delight intends to be an intimate part of your life.

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    Low-Cost Dental Care For Seniors

    A healthy mouth is vital to your physical health. Without oral health, it is difficult to be in the best possible physical condition, especially if you are a senior. Recent studies also support the correlation between overall body health and oral health.

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    Dental Care for Veterans

    Florida Congressman Gus Bilirakis who is a leading Republican leader on the U.S. House Veterans Affairs Committee has re-introduced a proposal seeking to expand dental care to veterans.

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    Oral Health For Pregnant Women And Moms

    Improving women’s oral health is an effective way to prevent cavities in young children. Paying attention to pregnant women’s oral health is an essential aspect of the mother and child’s oral and general health.

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    Oral Bacteria and Colorectal Cancer

    Scientists have identified a molecular mechanism through which an oral bacterium accelerates colorectal cancer growth. Experts always suspected that there was a molecular mechanism that hastened colorectal cancer's progression.

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    Prenatal Dental Care Checkup

    Maintaining good oral health, pregnant or otherwise, is always advisable. Your dentist and other healthcare providers are the best-suited professionals to give you medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment plans about dental health. Remember: in case you suspect an oral health issue, never delay receiving treatment.