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Dr. Pamela MacPherson

Dr. MacPherson has been voted and listed as one of San Diego’s Top Dentists every year since 2013. She cherishes this title bestowed on her by her peers in the dental community. She is also very proud in the fact that more than 99% of her patients recommend her to their family and friends.

Here at Center for Dental Restorations, Dr. Pamela A. MacPherson takes her responsibility as a dental professional very seriously.  As the only female board-certified prosthodontist in San Diego, she is always open to listening to her patients to see how she can help them. She also personally knows the pain and challenges associated with needing extensive dental work. With Dr. Pamela MacPherson, you will get a dentist who is exceptionally trained and emotionally invested in your treatment.

How Does A Prosthodontist Differ From A General Dentist?

General dentists have essential knowledge and training to treat rudimentary dental conditions. A prosthodontist is a dental professional who has undergone additional and more extensive training within the restorative field of dentistry. This is over and above what general dentistry training typically involves.

General dentists can also refer to themselves as cosmetic dentists without receiving any additional training or tests.  Cosmetic Dentistry is not recognized as a specialty by the American Dental Association (ADA).  Prosthodontics, however, is recognized by the ADA as a dental specialty, which requires additional training and testing.  Prosthodontists are trained to treat more complex dental conditions and improve the overall oral function, appearance, comfort, and health of their patients.

As a prosthodontist, Dr. MacPherson completed a three-year specialty residency program after completing dental school.   She then went on to challenge the American Board of Prosthodontics (ABP) certification process successfully to become a Diplomate.  This process involved a written exam and three oral exams based on actual patient treatment performed by Dr. MacPherson.  This is how she became a Board-Certified Prosthodontist.  Not all prosthodontists choose to challenge the board certification process, but they are still prosthodontists.

Dr. MacPherson works tirelessly to maintain her board certification by continuously educating herself and passing regular tests. She is required to pass an exam regularly. She also continually educates herself on the latest technologies and surgical procedures that make patient care a priority and as convenient and comfortable as possible.

Like most of the ABP Diplomates, Dr. MacPherson is at the top of her field. She regularly educates other prosthodontists by publishing informative articles and presenting scientific lectures. Every qualification and certification held by Dr. MacPherson is ultimately used to guide her in helping her patients in the best way possible. Often, this involves knowing what options patients may have and what are the limitations at hand, if any.

Complex Dental Problems Addressed By A Specialist

Dr. MacPherson is a specialist. She is exceptionally qualified to treat complex dental problems that help improve the aesthetics and the function of your mouth. Dr. MacPherson personally knows about the importance and dynamics of a vibrant smile. She uses all her expertise to safeguard your oral health for the long run.

Dr. Macpherson Specializes In:

  • Full-mouth reconstruction
  • Dental crowns, bridges, veneers, including design and placement
  • Mouth trauma injury treatment
  • Mouth reconstruction after oral cancer treatment
  • Full and partial dentures
  • TMJ disorder treatment
  • Conscious Oral Sedation
  • Implant supported Dentures
  • Individual Implant crowns

She Cherishes Her City And Happily Serves Her “Home”

Dr. MacPherson grew up in Spring Valley, San Diego. She still lives and practices in San Diego, her beloved hometown. Currently, Dr. MacPherson is located in Hillcrest. Having grown up in this community that she loves, she now serves it with dedication.

Dr. MacPherson is a fierce proponent of education and spends her free time educating professionals in need. She also indulges in her favorite hobbies like supporting and cheering for the Padres (her favorite baseball team), in-line skating, photography, and outdoor exercising in this beautiful city.

Degrees Of Qualification And Specializations Held By Dr. Macpherson

  • Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Cell Biology from UCSD
  • Dental degree from UCLA School of Dentistry
  • Certificate in Advanced Prosthodontics, West Los Angeles Veterans Administration Hospital

Dr. Macpherson’s Past On-The-Job Education Include:

  • Chief Resident at the Veterans Administration Hospital in West Los Angeles
  • UCLA School of Dentistry faculty member

Dr. Macpherson’s Volunteering Activities

Dr. MacPherson takes pride in serving her community. She has offered her time and energy volunteering for the Continuing Education Committee since 2012 and the San Diego County Dental Society’s Peer Review Committee since 2013. Lifelong education is one of her aspirations, and she encourages others to aspire for the same as the Chairperson for the Continuing Education Committee. Dr. MacPherson has also volunteered at every CDA Cares free dental clinic since 2013, and has been a lead doctor in the denture section of the clinics since 2014.

She Keeps Learning To Heal Using Cutting-Edge Treatments

Like all developing sciences, dentistry keeps getting updated with new findings and dental technology. Those who know Dr. Pamela MacPherson will tell you that she’s a lifelong teacher and student who loves to stay updated. To ensure that your smile lasts a lifetime, she invests a lot of her time researching and learning the latest dental techniques and available technologies to offer the best possible quality care to patients.

Dr. MacPherson values learning, encourages others to learn and supports her staff while they continue educating themselves. Our highly knowledgeable and meticulously-trained staff forms the A-team that works tirelessly to maintain your oral health.

Professional Memberships Held By Dr. MacPherson

Learning doesn’t just take place in the classroom. Learning can happen everywhere, especially while working with your colleagues. To always stay informed, Dr. MacPherson is an active member of the following local and national professional dental associations:

  • The American College of Prosthodontists
  • The American Dental Association
  • The California Dental Association
  • San Diego County Dental Society
  • The Academy of Osseointegration
  • San Diego Prosthodontists Society
  • The Institute for Dental Implant Awareness

If you have any dental care concerns, trust Dr. MacPherson to bring back the shine to your smile. Visit our center and see for yourself why Dr. MacPherson and her dental team receive glowing recommendations. Call 619-294-9525 today to schedule an appointment with the Center for Dental Restorations.



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    Dr. Pamela MacPherson : Center For Dental Restorations

    Dr. MacPherson has been voted and listed as San Diego’s Top Dentists every year since 2013. She cherishes this title bestowed on her by her peers in the dental community. She also experiences pride in the fact that more than 99% of her patients recommend her to their family and friends.

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