10 Reasons Why Metal-free CeraRoot Zirconia Dental Implants Are Superior

img Dr. Azadeh Khajavi - Excellence Dental imgMarch 28, 2019

CeraRoot Zirconia Dental Implants Are Superior

Metal-free CeraRoot zirconia dental implant systems are popular for many reasons. They interact well with gums and teeth and are ideal for dental patients seeking a holistic option that supports overall health. Dentists recommend CeraRoot zirconia implants instead of titanium varieties due to many factors including the particular oral health profile of the dental patient.

Desired Osseointegration And Biocompatibility

Ceramic zirconia implants are biocompatible and can easily assimilate into the jaw bone of the dental patient. Evidence for this property of CeraRoot dental implants was found in a recent microscopic study carried out at the University of Minnesota, which confirmed ideal osseointegration of the implants without any indication of foreign body rejection or inflammation. Other scientific studies have also supported this finding.

Allergies And Sensitivities

A CeraRoot zirconia dental implant system is hypoallergenic while metal implants such as titanium are not. Moreover, sensitivity to titanium shows up years after post-surgery when inflammation and itchiness develop around the site of the implant: a development that can result in bone loss and failure of the implant. Sensitivity to implant material is becoming increasingly important as more people are reporting skin sensitivities, allergies, and a compromised immune system. Therefore, it is advisable to undergo tests to determine allergies and sensitivities before selecting a dental implant system—especially when it’s not easy to remove titanium implants from the jaw bone.

Zirconia Is Aesthetically Appealing

Patients sometimes complain of bad appearance while using titanium dental implants. Those with translucent, thin gums or prone to gum recession, such as the aging, develop gray gums or the titanium shows around their crown’s margin. However, zirconia is white and non-metallic and is more natural-appearing than titanium.

Resistant To Corrosion

Zirconia is biocompatible and resists chemical corrosion and conduction of heat or electricity. Zirconia is also bioinert, never triggers chemical reactions, moves to other sites in the body, or interferes with oral health. In comparison, a titanium dental implant has been proven to corrode when placed in the wet environment of a mouth—especially if there is more than one metal around it such as alloy metal crowns and bridges, amalgam fillings, and gold onlays/inlays—thereby triggering reactions. The intensity of metal corrosion also increases when titanium is in the presence of fluoride, which is found in toothpaste, water supply, and mouthwashes. The corrosion attacks the surface of the implants, and several research studies show that titanium migrates from the implant site and moves into surrounding tissues and also nearby lymph nodes.

Zirconia Is Non-Conductive

It’s beneficial to dental patients that zirconia does not conduct electricity. Non-conductivity ensures the least likelihood of bacterial growth on the surface of a CeraRoot zirconia dental implant: promoting an oral environment for healthier gums.

Holistic Nature Of CeraRoot Zirconia Implants

CeraRoot dental implants do not obstruct the movement of energy moving through meridians of the body. Moreover, zirconia implants are bioinert and are a suitable tooth replacement option for patients seeking holistic dental and general health solutions.

CeraRoot Dental Implant Systems Are Sturdy

A CeraRoot dental implant lasts long as it is created to withstand high masticatory forces. Moreover, zirconia, known for its inflexibility and durability under duress, adds to the strength factor of the implants.

One-Piece Design Is Aesthetic And Improves Strength

A titanium implant system comprises of two metal components: the implant fixed into the jaw and the abutment situated above the gumline, and both are joined with a fixation screw. Micro-movement can take place at the junction of these pieces during activities such as chewing—producing a moist and warm environment where anaerobic bacteria can colonize. The bacteria can release toxins and trigger inflammation around the implant, which can lead to bone loss and implant failure. However, the bio-compatible CeraRoot dental implant system has a one-piece design, and along with the ceramic zirconia implants, crowns, and abutments, does not cause such problems.

Single-Phase Surgery

A dentist can place CeraRoot implants right after tooth extraction, and this one-phase surgical feature of CeraRoot dental implant reduces implantation time and maximizes comfort.


A relatively shorter time taken for the implant, biocompatibility and the material strength of zirconia significantly improves the comfort factor for dental patients when they opt for CeraRoot dental implants. All the ten major advantages of the metal-free zirconia CeraRoot dental implant system makes it a formidable choice for successful dental restoration.

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