• Insurance Fraud

    Mira Mesa dentist facing criminal charges

    Mira Mesa - A Mira Mesa dentist is facing criminal charges for fraudulently billing multiple insurance companies a staggering total of $592,550 for root canals she allegedly never actually performed.

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    Depressed And Lonely Dental Patients

    Very few private dental practices offer to address specific mental anxieties of their patients who also happen to be their dental patients. Dental offices often address dental anxiety, but not many dentists respond to the particular psychological issues a patient may be dealing during a dental visit.

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    Oral Care And Substance Abuse Recovery

    Patients recovering from substance use disorder have a better chance at drug abstinence, recovery, and improved quality of life, including professional and personal life if they take care of their oral health. The latest study points to a link between proper oral care and emotional and physical emotional recovery of a patient receiving treatment for substance use disorder.

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    Measles Other ATDs

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) recommends that dental practices should screen all their patients for highly contagious viruses and other aerosol transmissible diseases before administering dental treatment to ensure adequate disease prevention.

  • Teen woman pressing her bruised cheek with a painful expression as if she's having a terrible tooth ache.

    9 Incredible Home Remedies To Treat Tooth Sensitivity

    You may have experienced tooth sensitivity and resultant pain at one time or another. Research indicates that specific home remedies are effective in treating tooth sensitivity and reduce it over time.

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    Teeth whitening products can damage your teeth

    Latest studies show that an active ingredient in teeth whitening products can damage the protein-rich dentin tissue present beneath your tooth's protective enamel. The research is cause for concern because the teeth-whitening products industry in the US is worth a whopping billion dollars. While the products brighten smiles, they also cause tooth damage.

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    Does Osteoporosis Increase Implant Failure in Patients?

    Multiple recent research studies indicate that dental implant failure rates were not higher in osteoporosis patients compared to patients without osteoporosis. The implant survival rate in bone tissue with osteoporosis was similar to that of the control group at the implant level (P = 0.11) and the patient level (P = 0.94)

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    Implanted polymer membrane can regrow lost periodontal tissue

    Researchers at ACS Nano have been testing various compounds in the gums of rats to develop a regenerative membrane that might reverse the tissue damage that occurs as a result of periodontal disease.

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    Swedish Study Finds Oral Bacteria In Aggressive Pancreatic Tumors

    According to the scientific findings of researchers at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, oral bacterial presence and the severity of cystic pancreatic tumors are directly linked. The research report published in the journal ‘Gut reports’ aimed to improve the diagnostic procedure of pancreatic cancer detection thereby affect the prescribed treatment.