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4.9 Stars Based on 27 Reviews
4 / 5 Stars     star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon     Tyler Y.        Posted on : 2017-10-30

I've had a couple really pleasant experiences with Dr. Qadeer now. I was originally a bit scared going to a new dentist, but really glad I found this office -- would definitely recommend! He did a great job on my fillings. The only reason I took a star off was because the one cleaning I've had so far felt a little rushed. It might have been chance, though, so if it is better next time I will come update my review!


4 / 5 Stars     star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon     Julio R.        Posted on : 2017-10-30

Dr. Qadeer is the man. He personally reached out to me and made sure my issue was taken care of. He obviously cares for his patients and he is a pleasure to work with.


5 / 5 Stars     star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon     Jasmine L.        Posted on : 2017-10-18

A coworker recommended this place to me. He said everything is painless. I knew I had a lot of work to get done so I was a little skeptical. However, not only were my 3 crowns and 1 root canal pain free, the experience with the staff was amazing. The staff here are super friendly (especially Jimmy and Benny) and of course Dr. Qadeer is phenomenal! No one likes going to the dentist but when you come here it's definitely a pleasant experience. I would recommend Mesa Dental to everyone!


5 / 5 Stars     star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon     Ashley F.        Posted on : 2017-10-18

This dental office is the best is SD county! He is compassionate and gentle and honest!! All of his staff are extremely nice and it's a beautiful office as well. I have had a few fillings done, which I was very nervous about, but they did an excellent job making it as comfortable as possible. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


5 / 5 Stars     star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon     Roslynn F.        Posted on : 2017-10-18

Best dentist I have ever been to! Fast, friendly, thorough service. Dr. Qadeer does not recommend things you don't need. Very competent staff. At my last dentist's office, I was overcharged, treated poorly, told I needed things I didn't need, waited at least 30 minutes even when I had an appointment, had to pay for parking and the office wouldn't give change... I could go on! To come to Mesa Dental feels like I have won the lottery! I am actually EXCITED and can't wait for my next dental appointment. Can I give 10 stars?


5 / 5 Stars     star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon     Mo G.        Posted on : 2017-10-18

Dr. Q is great and staff is good at customer service. They make you comfortable and I like he fact that he told me to go get a second opinion on something he recommended because it showed me that he was for sure about what he was talking about. Which btw I DID go get a second opinion on a crown he said I needed and they agreed on it so I returned and let him do it. They are a great place to go and I will be going for a while!


5 / 5 Stars     star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon     Thomas S.        Posted on : 2017-10-18

I have never felt so comfortable walking in to the dentist before. The front office was very welcoming and polite. Dr. Qadeer is by far my favorite dentist. He treats his patients with a lot of care! I wish I saw this place 3 years ago when I moved to San Diego.


5 / 5 Stars     star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon     William M.        Posted on : 2017-10-18

I had a wonderful experience at Mesa Dental with Dr. Qadeer, for multiple reasons. 1. State-of-the-art technology and office design They take pictures of your teeth and illustrate exactly what they are doing and why. The office is very open, light and comfortable. You never feel abandoned in this office. 2. Thorough explanation of procedures and excellent bedside manners Dr. Qadeer was very friendly and helpful in explaining exactly what they were doing and why. I felt comfortable and taken care of throughout the entire procedure. I had three teeth that needed fillings, one that was deep and two that were superficial. He used anesthesia on the deep tooth and I did not feel any pain or discomfort while he did the filling. For the other two, the doctor suggested that we do the fillings without anesthesia, because they were not deep and there would be no pain, and this would save me from having to make a second appointment. He was clear that it would be no problem to use the medication if I preferred. I decided to go with his suggestion and he was completely right - there was no pain, and I am super glad not to have to schedule another appointment for the filling.


5 / 5 Stars     star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon     Kristina C.        Posted on : 2017-10-18

I LOVE this place! I haven't been to the dentist in years and decided to come here and get everything checked out. I am so glad I did! Dr Qadeer and his staff are seriously the best. Dr Qadeer is so nice and professional. He explains everything he is doing as he is doing it which is great. I had a root canal, some cavaties filled and a new crown put on so I was a bit scared but Dr Qadeer numbed me so well I didn't feel a thing! I can't imagine going to any other dentist now that I've come here. All his assistants are also just as amazing as him! Everyone is so nice and makes you feel so comfortable. Even the ladies that work the front desk. I am so grateful to Dr Q!


5 / 5 Stars     star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon     Brandon S.        Posted on : 2017-10-18

Best dentist I've ever been to. Had ALOT of work needed (multiple cavities, route canal, crowns). His office accommodated me since day 1 in working out payments , and scheduling future appointments because I am leaving to travel. Office is always in a good mood with positive energy. Dr. Qadeer works efficiently and magically, finishing appointments in less than an hour and making sure you are comfortable the whole time. I definitely recommend him and his entire team.


5 / 5 Stars     star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon     Janet L.        Posted on : 2017-10-18

Came in today for a evaluation after not going to the dentist for while! EEEK! A coworker recommended I go see Dr Qadeer and I was so happy I did! All of the staff was very nice and courteous! Very nice and clean office! Equipment is state of the art! I'm actually really looking forward to going again and starting my treatment!


5 / 5 Stars     star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon     Jim R.        Posted on : 2017-10-18

Just went in for my initial consultation with Dr. Qadeer and, although it looks as though I have a good deal of work needed (which was not a surprise), I am extremely happy that I made the move from my previous dentist. The office is immaculate, welcoming, and creates a high expectation that the service will be provided at the highest level of professionalism. The financial arrangement included an unexpected and very helpful discount that makes the work much more affordable. Granted, Dr. Qadeer hasn't done a stitch of work yet, so this review isn't complete, but if my impressions are right I imagine that I'll be writing another glowing review in about a month when I walk out of the office with a new healthy smile.


5 / 5 Stars     star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon     Paola R.        Posted on : 2017-10-18

This place is awesome. They do great work and are always welcoming and answer all of my questions. Stephanie does my cleaning and Mister Qadeer is the best doctor ever! They really make you feel comfortable not to mention my teeth are healthier than ever! Thank you to everyone at Mesa Dental


5 / 5 Stars     star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon     Becky L.        Posted on : 2017-10-18

I hadn't been to the dentist in about 5 years. I was very afraid I wouldn't find an honest dentist to work with because I've heard so many bad stories from family and friends. I found this office and came here because they had the best reviews and they came through perfectly. Dr. Qadeer was very honest and friendly as well as the staff members,Benny is the best! I ended up with having some work to do on my mouth but I am very satisfied and will not go anywhere else. This is the place to go!!!


5 / 5 Stars     star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon     Brittany B.        Posted on : 2017-10-18

I have hated the dentist my entire life. I refused to go for a year before I decided I needed to suck it up and find a dentist (I moved from Massachusetts to San Diego) . I found Mesa dental on yelp, with a raving 5 stars! I checked the reviews and people said "I never thought I would like going to the dentist" I laughed those comments off and make an appointment.... I'm here to tell you now....I never thought I would like going to the dentist. This place is very nice inside, and everyone is so sweet! Dr. Qadeer is the best dentist I have ever gone to and makes you feel comfortable! I love it here!


5 / 5 Stars     star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon     P V.        Posted on : 2017-10-18

The Mesa Dental staff are kind and caring professionals. They remember you as a person and not as a dollar sign from the moment you enter. This is huge and nearly impossible to find in the dental industry. Their customer service is amazing and their positive energy is pure and true. Also, the relaxing and clean environment is second to none. If you're looking for an honest dentist with an amazing staff look no further, you've found them.


5 / 5 Stars     star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon     Amie S.        Posted on : 2017-10-18

Dr. Qadeer and his staff are awesome. They made me feel comfortable about the procedure (needed a crown). They are really very funny and professional. Never had to wait long, appointments were easy to make and adjust, and they explained everything before hand.


5 / 5 Stars     star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon     Cynthia M.        Posted on : 2017-10-18

Staff and dr are amazing. Clean office. Nothing like those SmileCare or Western Dental offices, ugh! The staff at Mesa Dental are professional and personable. My son really liked Benny, said he was funny. He took sons X-rays and did his cleaning. The dr himself was pro active in plans for sons dental care.


5 / 5 Stars     star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon     Silun G.        Posted on : 2017-10-18

I got my deep cleaning and cavity filling here. Dr. Qadeer and his team are very professional and welcoming. Dr. Qadeer is very patient explaining everything he did. I would definitely recommend to my friends


5 / 5 Stars     star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon star-icon     Wen Q.        Posted on : 2017-10-18

ery good quality of service, and always keep listening to patients. This is the best shop I can find in town. Highly recommended.


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