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  • Dr. Nicolas Ravon

    Dr. Nicolas A. Ravon of Beverly Hills, California, was among the first periodontists in the country to offer the 100% metal-free CeraRoot zirconia dental implant.Zirconia implants give natural results without metal and aretheperfect ceramic implant choice for metal-sensitive patients. ....

    (310) 275-5325

    9675 Brighton Way
    Beverly Hills, California 90210

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  • Healthy Hi-Tech Family &
    Implant Dentistry

    In Clovis, California, Dr. Gary Larsen began using the CeraRoot zirconia dental implantsin his clinic after finding metal implants to be less effective. Zirconia implantslook natural and merge seamlessly with the jaw bone, a known property of ceramic implants....

    (800) 705-6929

    1512 Shaw Ave.
    Clovis, California 93611

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  • Bio Dental Dr. Shawn

    Dr. Shawn MatiansBioDental clinic is in the heart of Encino, Los Angeles, in California. Dr. Matian offers metal-free dentistry and strongly recommends the CeraRoot zirconia dental implant to patients who ask for ceramic implants or zirconia implants. ....

    (818) 725-1489

    17200 Ventura Blvd #314
    Encino, California 91316

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  • Claremont Dental
    Institute Dr. Steve

    Dr. Steve Fountain at the Claremont Dental Institute in Claremont, California, endorses the clinically safeCeraRoot zirconia dental implant system as it offers seven implant lines of ceramic implants.Metal-free zirconia implants fuse well with the jaws, and look and feel good. ....

    (909) 625-4101

    601 East Foothill Boulevard
    Claremont, California 91711

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  • Monte Dental Group

    Dr. Jesus Ignacio Yanez of the Monte Dental Group in San Jose in California gives your smile top priority. He uses bio-compatible zirconia implants that are incredibly strong such as the CeraRoot zirconia dental implant. These metal-free ceramic implants score over porcelain any day.....

    (408) 259-2214

    1000 south white road suite 210
    San Jose, California 95127

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  • Biological Dentist

    Biological dentist Dr. Sook Hong practices in Sunnyvale in California and believes that zirconia implants have gained much momentum and for a good reason, and that tremendous resultsare possible with the CeraRoot zirconia dental implants, which are ceramic-based. ....

    (408) 733-6413

    425 E. Remington Drive, Suite 2
    Sunnyvale, California 94087

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  • Westlake Oral & Plastic

    Dr. Donald Nikchevich, Jr. of Westlake Oral and Plastic Surgery in Westlake Village, California,opts for CeraRoot zirconia dental implants as an alternative to titanium-based metal implants as Zirconia implants are long-lasting ceramic implants and fuse naturally with the jaw bone. ....

    (805) 495-7416

    911 Hampshire Road Suite 4
    Westlake Village, California 91361

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  • Accord Dental

    Based in Denver, Colorado, Dr. Leon Vilner of Accord Dental Professional, LLC, offers a variety of dental services and specializes in CeraRoot Zirconia dental implants that are 100% metal-free ceramic implants. He finds zirconia implants to be the safest for pediatric dentistry.....

    (303) 796-8767

    2121 S Oneida Street Suite #321
    Denver, Colorado 80224

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  • Wellington Family

    Dr. David Pringle of Wellington Family Dentistry dental clinic in Colorado is a family and cosmetic dentist. An expert in dental implants, Dr. Pringles repertoire includes zirconia implants, ceramic implants, and CeraRoot Zirconia dental implants....

    (970) 568-0030

    7901 6th Street
    Wellington, Colorado 80549

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  • Bonita Dental Studio

    The Bonita Dental Studio in Bonita Springs, Florida, is headed by Dr. Roger J. Pint, D.M.D. Apart from being SMART-certified and a member of IAOMT he offers the CeraRoot Zirconia dental implants that are bio-compatible zirconia implants that designed from the ceramic material. ....

    (239) 676-8730

    9200 Bonita Beach Rd Ste 111
    Bonita Springs, Florida 34135

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