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Alexandra Thiem

Dr. Amy is an amazing dentist! She really listens and is so knowledgeable and professional. I am forever grateful for her expertise! My bite was off from a filling from another dentist and she carefully fixed my bite so it won't hurt to chew on that side any more. Thank you Dr. Amy!

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Coach Carl

I hit the jackpot! Dr . Amy figured out a long term bite problem that no other dentist could. And she corrected My painful grind during our first visit. She didn’t even charge me. She solved my main concern and I will follow up with her for an implant next month. Luckily she also saw that my root canal a year ago was still infected and poorly done. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my smile or wallet. Dr Amy is SMART, FUN, and puts her patients first. She is now the ONLY dentist for my family and I.


Thank you so much for your review. Very nice of you.

By All Natural Dentistry
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Finding a dentist who we can trust is major; after all, this is our smile, our face to the world.  I'm now past 65+ - My teeth seemed perfectly fine until they started spacing in my mouth - I've always had a great smile and a healthy mouth, I thought! No swollen gums - no bleeding - what could be the problem? Even though I had cleanings once or twice a year, I discovered after visiting my dentist in Portland Or, I had great bone loss, which was the reason for my shifting teeth.  This dentist gave me sad, scary, shocking and super expensive news. After some research I found that Dentist can charge what ever they want - so in some ways they're like mechanics. If you find a good one, who is honest - go with her, and tell your friends. I'd heard about going to Mexico, for many reasons, so I began my search. I found a lot of dental shops that sounded like they were herding cattle. This is I did not want.  I prefer personal care. I found Dr. Amy Khajavi in San Diego -  Dr Amy is amazing, gentle and explains everything on the first visit, as you're looking at an Xray of the inside of your head from every angle. Her equipment is the latest state of the art Xray machines. The office is super clean and her staff is attentive and caring.

I needed a lot of dental care including implants - as Dr Amy pointed our, this is a process.  First surgery, bone loss repair, implants, months of healing time, then the final fitting of my new smile. The entire surgery, bone repair and implants were done in one visit. What I want to brag about this, I didn't even know it was happening..and NO PAIN. In fact there has been NO PAIN, for me, this entire process.  Also, a great price, at least one we could swallow without choking. What I love is the Metal Free Ceramic Implants and NO METAL or infection left in my mouth.  MY mouth feels fabulous. The process is involved and Dr Amy and her excellent staff are there if we have questions. I am now less than 6 weeks away from getting my new smile complete.  Dr Amy did make a temporary so I could at least have some kind of teeth in my mouth.  I'm soo excited to post a photo here when I'm complete. In the mean time - choosing Dr Amy is choosing a dentist who has great expertise, a dentist who stays educated not only in the dental industry but also internal medicine. Also, a dentist who is sensitive to our individual needs as we move though this.  I really appreciate her compassionate nature. Having a calm confidence that we've made the right choice and we are in perfect care is a big deal going forward with any procedure.  Personally I feel blessed to have found this Dentist and her staff.


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Words cannot say how happy and grateful I am to Dr Amy! She is by far the most caring and loving medical expert that I have ever experienced in my entire life. Her work is everything for her. Much love and warm blessings to Dr Amy and her great staff they are the best!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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Monir Naderi

I can’t thank Dr. Khajavi and her team enough for helping me with a much-needed dental restoration. I had to do a complete upper and lower dental implant and after some failed procedures with other dentists, Dr Khajavi was extremely attentive and was able to an amazing job on implanting my dentals. I highly recommend Dr. Khajavi for any implants and restorations.

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Daniel Earl

I want to say that I am greatly appreciative of the dental work I recently received from Dr. Amy. The implant and crown that have been placed are so comfortable! Dr. Amy took great care to fit the crown so both chewing and flossing are perfect, the new tooth never nags for my attention. And, I don’t take that for granted, having heard some people’s horror stories. Also, I am grateful for Dr. Amys skill and expertise in the ongoing work on the opposite side of my mouth, where a sinus lift is underway in preparation for another implant. Dr. Amy has taken care of the complications of that process with the same thoroughness & attention to detail. I have had minimal discomfort, and have great confidence in the eventual positive outcome.

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April Bellino

Dr. Amy is a kind and compassionate dentist. If you are looking for someone who is empathetic and cares deeply about her patients, then look no further. Each time I visit All Natural Dentistry she makes me feel like I am her only patient. My implant needs are extensive so I am truly grateful so have found someone with her attributes and expertise. . Esther her inner office engineer is wonderful too she is always eager to speak with you on the phone and greets you with a warm smile when you enter the All Natural Dentistry location.

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Oren L

The best place to start is always the beginning. My experience with Dr. Amy began with an internet search. I’ve always been self conscious about my smile but as a full time independent artist, cosmetic dental procedures aren’t high on the feasible list of priorities. Nevertheless this is something that I’ve wanted to correct for a long time. As I searched for solutions Dr. Amy stood out. The reviews, the recognition in her field, the experience, and she’s headquartered in San Diego, CA. I hat wasn’t to love?

And it only got better. I live in Denver, CO so I had to do my first consultation over Zoom. I’d be remiss to not mention Esther. Esther is an angel I swear. At any rate between the two of them I felt more than comfortable, eager in fact, to begin the journey with All Natural Dentistry. Then things got worse, but better, but definitely worse. During my first visit for the in person evaluation Dr K. revealed to me the seriousness of what I was actually dealing with. An abscess that threatened not only my smile and self esteem, one that could very well affect my long term health. After returning to Denver it also came to light that the independent nature of my healthcare situation would seriously complicate my ability to get the treatment that I didn’t just want... that I needed. So much so that weeks before my scheduled appointment, I called to cancel.

Dr. Amy and Esther both weren’t having it. Im paraphrasing but, “We’ll figure it out” was the sentiment. To be honest it felt more like a maternal gesture of genuine care for my health. Needless to say I was floored because sadly, in today’s world... that’s not usually how that works. So I flew out and began the process under Dr Amy’s advisement. The entire day of my procedure was like stuff I’ve only seen on television shows... all the way down to Wather and Dr. K’s husband seeing me to the hotel.. The “for the good of the patient” storyline we’ve all seen and in the back of our minds been like “if only that were the case in real life”. I’m telling you straight up, it is. To the staff, Dr Amy, Esther, everyone at All Natural Dentistry, all the words truly cannot encompass or encapsulate what it is that I have to say to you... because thank you isn’t enough. There’s so much more.... but... this journey is far from over... so for now it will have to do. My most sincere and deepest heart felt thanks to all of you. To anyone that reads this trust me when I say that the good people at All Natural Dentistry have more than just your procedure on their schedule... They have your health and well being in their hearts... and that’s really... really ... awesome to realize.


Sincerely and with love, Oren Brian Lomena

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Paramy Sisuphan

Dr. Amy and staff were wonderful to work with. Trustworthy and went above and beyond for my implant experience. Highly recommend!

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Russ Taylor

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Patricia D

After much research and consultations with several dentists on ceramic zirconia vs titanium implants, I concluded that ceramic implants would be just as strong, and a healthier biocompatible choice than titanium. At that point it was a matter of finding the best dentist to do the work. I found Dr. Khajavi on the Ceraroot website, and sent her my X-Rays. Once I spoke with her, I was blown away by how much time she gave me to explain my issues, and eased the concerns I had. Not only is she an extremely warm and compassionate doctor, it was evident that she possessed the extraordinary expertise and skill required to restore my smile to the best outcome I could ever possibly hope for! I flew to San Diego, and had my consultation with her, using her state-of-the-art 3-D imagery and equipment.

Mine was a difficult case of upper mouth severe bone loss, failed crowns, failed root canals, gum recession, and infections. One area of infection had almost penetrated my sinus cavity. We scheduled my surgery a week later at her surgery suite in Rosarito Mexico, where she performs work on more difficult cases with her team of local professionals there. Having the work done in Mexico for these more extensive surgeries also allows Dr. Khajavi to charge much less than what it would cost to have that same work done in the U.S.

Dr. Khajavi tries to make it affordable for her patients as much as possible so that they do not have to compromise on the quality of restorations that are available to them. My 6 hour surgery on Friday went exceptionally well, with Dr. Khajavi being able to give me 11 ceramic implants with bone grafting and a sinus lift. On Monday back in Dr. Khajavi’s San Diego clinic, she performed an exam and new X-Rays, and was so pleased with the rate of healing that was already evident. I will need to let the soft tissue to continue to heal before I return in a month for my temporaries, which will only be used for aesthetic purposes, and not chewing. I will have to continue to blend my food for the next 4-5 months before retuning a final time to have my new porcelain crowns placed on my ceramic implants. I can’t wait to see my new smile! I want to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Khajavi from the bottom of my heart, for her outstanding work, and making my dream to have a beautiful smile and teeth once again a reality! A special thanks to Argy, for her kindness in bringing me chicken soup and meds in Mexico, and the rest of Dr. Khajavi’s staff who take such good care of their patients! I’m grateful beyond words can convey. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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Kathy Armani

Dr. Khajavi and her team are great The attention and care I received was outstanding. They all went above and beyond. Dr. Khajavi's expertise and knowledge in her field is awe-inspiring. She is extremely kind, caring and very down to earth. Beyond being an excellent dentist, she is also a beautiful human being inside and out. I know I am in great hands and I highly recommend Dr. Khajavi and her team.

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Nicholas Dei

If I could give more stars I would! I came to Dr. Khajavi in desperate need of help after multiple failed implant attempts from a previous dentist. She welcomed me with warmth and confidence, and was very detail-oriented in her analysis of treatment. The implant procedure was done thoroughly and well, and I am now healing and looking forward to completing the process with crowns. Dr. Khajavi and her entire office has given me one of my first positive dental experiences of my life. I fully trust her work, judgement, experience, and passion for helping people. Talented and compassionate, i cannot recommend Dr. Amy highly enough.

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Karise Sanders

I feel blessed beyond measure to have been able to walk this journey of full mouth reconstruction with Dr Amy and her team. They have high standards for professionalism and care. I am forever grateful for what this has done for me in my life.

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Janet Chavez

Dr.Amy by far has been the best ! I have had tmj pain for quite some time now. Dr.Amy has done so much for me and is very flexible with my schedule!

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Hari Dev Singh Khalsa

I am not a good patient in the dentist office. The entire staff at All Natural Dentistry have the skills that helped me go through it. I waited years to get implants. When I called Dr. Amy her clear explanation of the process and transparent communication about costs gave the experience of feeling safe through the procedures. Dr. Amy, Argy and Esther really reached out and we’re able to help me with every concern.

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Timothy Donnelly

This is my second visit to Dr Amy for major dental work. By far the most compassionate, thorough practitioner of dental science I have met in my entire life. She is very passionate about her craft. She has assembled an outstanding team all the way from the front office to back.

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Albert Telles

I was very comfortable with Dr Amy. She was very patient and her and her staff explained the whole procedure from start to finish. Very satisfied.

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Ahmed Al Azzawi

Dr. Amy is wonderful and professional, She did the operation in a perfect and a very comfortable way to me. Thank you, I am really grateful for her and for the great staff RG and Ester.

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Anthony Forsyth

I was beyond impressed by the standard of care I received from Dr Amy and her team. They clearly have an excellent working environment that they all thrive within, and they prioritize their patients above all. I was offered a free CT scan to see the extent of my problems and a plan was worked out, including sorting out the essentials and working within a tight budget. Natural approaches to dentistry (no root canals, nor metal implants, nor mercury), competitive prices *for MX* despite having surgeries both sides of the border, and a quality of care that is unsurpassed. Dr Amy's knowledge is impressive and shr was able to help in a far greater way than I anticipated. Her team appreciates her, value her, and love her. And it is easy to see why. I haven't stuck with a dentist since childhood. But I think I'm staying here for life.

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Jennifer Neuschwander

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Kymia Mahjouri

Dr. Mauz was really sweet and took his time doing my filling, ensuring that I was comfortable throughout the process. He cares about his patients and checked up on me a few weeks after my appointment to see how I was doing!

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Mukhya Khalsa

I accompanied my husband to San Diego area to get him full mouth implants. Dr Amy and her staff are so kind and professional. The extra care they took to make sure we were taken care of was surprising. They had prearranged a discount at a nice hotel that was in walking distance to the clinic. Dr Amy did extensive work in his mouth and again made sure he was well taken care of afterwards. The work she did looks great. Having a full set of teeth will keep him healthy and happy.

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Iirena Prokopenko

On 4/23/21 I had 5 zirconia implants, 2 teeth extracted and a sinus lift done. This experience was incredibly easy and seamless. 3D CT imagining was done at first, then wonderful, kind and super knowledgeable Dr. Amy sat down with me to review results of my entire mouth tooth by tooth. She showed and explained everything to me in simple easy to understand and absorb terms. Her easy going and confident demeanor put me at ease. I took oral sedation, relaxed and dosed off, woke up after the work was completed. Dental assistant Rjy (hope I’m spelling it right) and receptionist Esther were warm, attentive and easy going as well. Overall I could not have asked for a better experience. A check in call was made to me the following day to see if I had questions and make sure all was well. Dr. Amy also called to check on me today. I have had many encounters with different dentists in the past, none were as pleasant as this. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Amy and her staff.

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Audrey Smith

An absolute WOW experience! I have been looking for a biological dentist since I moved to San Diego and I have won the lottery! Dr. Amy's expertise and bedside manner are the best I've encountered. The staff there is always so warm and inviting making each visit a delight. She is generous w/ her time and gave me an in depth explanation of the diagnosis, recommended treatment, and the expected outcome. I live near downtown San Diego and I happily drive the 30 miles to All Natural Dentistry to have Dr. Amy as my doc. You have this patient for life!

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Tutor Online

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Ray Maj

Dr. Amy is an excellent dentist. She cares tremendously for her patients well being. I have noticed it from the way she greets her patients to pain free injections, to her dental restoration work, and her availability to answer my questions. Over the years, all my crowns, veneers and implants have been done by her. I have received many compliments on and recommend her to my friends and family.

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Alana Perkosi

Dr. Amy is wonderful! She listened to my needs, while also integrating her own expertise to give me excellent results. She has a keen eye for detail and has a talent for crafting natural results. Lastly, it was important for me to trust my practitioner and feel secure in their care. Dr. Amy extended herself beyond the role of a practitioner, allowing me a sense of security and comfort, just as a healer would. Not only was she gentle, but she also emphasized pain management. Dr. Amy, thank you a thousand times times over.

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Sean Wilson

For the longest time I have been uncomfortable with my smile. I tried the Mexico dental but it wasn’t for me and I felt they just wanted the money. I was referred to Dr. Amy through a friend and can not say how lucky I am that she took me in as a patient. Her attention to detail is extremely impressive. To start, everyone that works in the office is just as friendly and caring as she is. From scheduling appointments, to making you feel safe and most importantly, comfortable in the chair. Checkups are another way she displays that she truly cares for your smile by making sure everything is healing properly and is correctly aligned. While other places try to nickel and dime you, they are the opposite. All the services are included in the original pricing, no surprise additions. They have great platforms for payment and work with you the whole way. I truly cannot say enough how amazing this place is!

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Christina Loussinian

I would like to start off by saying that this place is absolutely amazing! Not only offering prestige service but the place itself is so clean and professional. First, the office staff follows all COVID protocols (safety and high quality patient care is a priority). Second, the staff is beyond welcoming and friendly. I’m usually very scared of any procedures involving a dentist but Dr. Amy is truly spectacular. She spent time explaining every step and detail of her procedures, which I found very reassuring. She made sure I was comfortable and worked with me throughout the process. Having a good dental experience means having a dentist you can truly trust, and Dr. Amy is a perfect example of that!

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Brandi Neri

My experience with Dr.Amy was great! She provided me with beautiful results while also ensuring that my experience was as painless and pleasant as possible.

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Maria James

Dr. Amy is a very passionate and professional dentist. I did my initial visits in her office in San Diego and the entire staff was very friendly while still being very professional. They addressed all my concerns. Esther would gladly help you with payment plans. I travelled to Dr. Amy’s office at Center For Ceramic Dental Implants in Rosarito, Mexico to do my procedure. Dr. Amy preformed my surgery which involved sinus cleaning, extraction, bone graph and implants. Argy her assistant was by my side to prep for the surgery and she was awesome. I am usually scared of visiting doctors/dentist offices, but she made me feel at ease, I had no fear whatsoever. I spend two nights at the clinic together with my husband, we had separate rooms bath and shower. There was even a small fridge in my room. We also had access to the kitchen. Who Dentist does that?

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Pam Oliveira

Dr. Amy is a perfectionist! She demands perfection for her patients from her staff, the materials that she uses, and the lab that produces the Zirconic implants. I've had the pleasure of working with Dr. Amy for the past 14 months and she and my lyme dr. agreed that I should have her remove all of my teeth due to lyme disease and put in full mouth Zirconic implants. This has greatly improved my quality of life since I have the Zirconic implants instead of titanium implants. With auto immune problems, I did not want metal or titanium in my mouth. Thanks to her, I now have a fighting chance to get rid of the lyme disease, PLUS I now have a fantastic smile!

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Kevin Samkian

Amazing dental work by Dr. Khajavi! I went in for a routine checkup and cavity filling, and it ended up being the most pleasant and painless dental work I've ever received. Dr. Khajavi truly cares about her patients. She is very warm and welcoming, and puts in the extra effort to make sure that her patients are properly cared for. On top of that, she is truly an expert in her field. She takes the time to explain what needs to be done and provides valuable advice. I can't recommend her enough.

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Desiree Watson

After much research and talking to a number of dentists, I am so grateful I found Dr. Amy Khajavi with All Natural Dentistry! I needed a full upper mouth reconstruction caused by an infected root canal tooth that was an anchor for my old bridge. My case was complicated, and I had to travel from Hawaii for each progressive procedure. I did not want titanium in my mouth because metals can sometimes cause serious problems for many people. Dr. Amy carefully reviewed my case and performed the work with expert knowledge, precision, and care always keeping in mind what was best for me. Her team is top notch and they have taken such good care of me. I am now complete with 8 Zirconia implants and a BEAUTIFUL new smile. Dr. Amy is the BEST in her industry and I am forever grateful for all she has done to give me a healthy experience, beautiful smile, and the ability to chew really, really well!

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Randall Tomaras

I am sitting in the new state of the art ,office of All Natural Dental Dentistry owned by Dr. Amy Khajavi I had a full mouth metal-dental implants ( Ceraroot ) because I had failed root canals ..Dr. Amy is truly the Michelangelo of dental implants. She Is one of the few dentists in the world that places Zirconia metal-free dental implants. She has perfected this art. dentists the coveted Cereroot Zirconia implants. I have flown from Washington to see her. I love my teeth , People from all over the world come to see her. Your mouth deserves the best. And She is the best.

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Miguel Hernandez

the best doctor in the world and a spectacular human being. thanks for everything Dr. Khajavi

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Vic Jacsiant

My experience center for ceramic brought me into tears dr. Amy Khajavi and her assistant Allie made me feel so comfortable felt like family was working on my teeth to make sure I get my perfect smile. I love you and your team so much can’t wait to come back

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David Cummings

I could not be more pleased with the treatment I received from Dr. Amy at All-Natural Dentistry. I am not a person that like to dish out 5-star reviews. Usually, I am very pessimistic and would prefer to wait to see actual results before rendering judgement on whether services provided to me are successful. However, after 2 years my three zirconia implants are functional and holding up well.

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Tom Finch

I researched this Dentist/Oral Surgeon/ Doctor on line along with others and I was impressed with her credentials. I then called her and talked to her about her practice and background. My next move was to meet with her and I scheduled an appointment with her. She met me at the airport and drove me to her office. I was excited that I was being treated so well. Her office was clean and all of her staff were friendly and welcoming. The first implant procedure went fine along with the three others I had done in the next five months. I highly recommend her and her staff to do a through assessment to final outcome.

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Jordan Silver

Dr. Amy Khajavi is an excellent dentist. I needed two implants to replace my lower back molars and I decided to get zirconia implants because they were non-metal and high quality based on my research. I found Dr. Amy Khajavi on the Ceraroot zirconia implant website. I called all the dentists listed on their site with offices in the southwest USA and northern Mexico. On the phone, found Dr. Amy to be extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. Her prices were also among the most reasonable. When I arrived at the clinic, I felt at ease and welcomed. She and her staff were very caring, kind, and respectful. She pulled one bad molar, removed part of a tooth that another dentist failed to remove on a former extraction, put in bone grafts, and put in the two zirconia implants. I have been to fourteen dentists in my life and so far I feel that there is no better dentist than Dr. Amy in terms of her skill, knowledge and honesty. She's also a good educator and communicator, explaining things clearly and patiently, making them easy to understand.She went above and beyond what was required--for instance, sitting down with me before I left to discuss a sinus issue she found in my catscan. She is generous with her time and fair on her pricing. When I returned home, I called her with some questions and she returned my call promptly with answers. I feel fortunate to have finally found a dentist that I feel confident about and trust.

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SueAnn Marcey

The highest quality dental work in Southern California for a reasonable price. Plus the team offered a payment plan. She really made it possible to finally bring so much happiness back into my smile! But on top of all that the best part was getting to know Dr. Amy and Allie! Kindest and caring people who made me feel safe and people I could trust. Her knowledge and decision with how to proceed with my dental work was spot on. In the past I had different opinions with other doctors, I can tell she loves what she does ! I’m really glad I found Dr. Amy! Thank you !!!

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Jim Spainhower

I was fortunate that my daughter, who lives in San Diego, told me about one of her high school teachers (Randy) that she has remained in touch with for the past 35 or so years. She told me he had thoroughly researched dental implants and that I should call him. After spending time on the phone with Randy listening to his story about his relationship with Dr. Amy and the success he was enjoying with a full mouth of implants, I was convinced that I would follow his footsteps & recommendation. Unfortunately, my timing turned out to be in the very early stages of covid 19, which would complicate matters for followup visits. In December of 2019 I talked with Argy (Dr. Amy's assistant, who scheduled my first appointment in Rosarito, Mexico on January 2. I, along with my daughter, were picked up in San Diego by Dr. Amy' s driver (Caesar Jesus) and driven to Tijuana, Mexico for a complete panoramic imagining of my mouth and then on to Rosarito. My procedures were then to prepare my gums (bone grafts) for the installations of 3 zirconia dental implants at a later date. Dr. Amy and her staff were all amazing in preparing me and actually doing this procedure. I did not experience any pain nor anxiety. I did not think that I was actually put to sleep, but my daughter confirmed that I was in fact sleeping throughout the procedure. I actually woke up feeling somewhat refreshed after what seemed like a short nap. After spending the night in a comfortable, and clean apartment (above the dental clinic) I was scheduled to return for a post op in Dr. Amy's clinic in Murrieta,, Calif.on Feb 17th. This appointment was significant in that I learned from another patient while sitting in the waiting room that her experiences with Dr. Amy and her strive for perfection was second to none. This just strengthened my feelings that I had selected the right person for my implants. I was rescheduled for scanning and crowns for April 6, 2020, but due to Covid 19 that didn't happen until June 22d, which time my teeth were scanned for crowns and ultimately installed in the states (Murrietta on June 26th. I am very happy with the results.

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Suzy Reed

I became aware of Dr. Amy’s work from a friend who had a full mouth restoration. The work she had completed on him made me a believer. He has a beautiful, natural looking mouth full of natural looking teeth, a mouth that is fully functional and efficient plus a winning smile. My need was smaller but the experience just as perfect. I have 2 titanium implants that were done years ago with much more discomfort and drama; I wish they were ceramic as I believe titanium is much less biologically friendly and less forgiving to the jaw and natural teeth and in fact the titanium in my mouth has compromised my upper jaw bone, thus the decision to go ceramic. Dr. Amy is thorough in her assessment of the total structure of the mouth and head, she is concise in deciding about what her goal is and what your need is and how it applies to function, her skill is accurate and perfect (and sometimes humorous - I swear she had me in a headlock drilling to perfect the ceramic base prep for the crown which is perfect in fit. She doesn’t compromise her work for propriety. It was such a natural laugh moment. She’s so honest.) She provides state of the art technical support and imaging. It’s like my implant and crown are original teeth. I’ve had way too much dental work and am fortunate to still have a viable mouth but the work she has done (1 implant and 1 live tooth crown) is the most comfortable and non invasive work I’ve had. She provides appropriate sedation. Is affordable. She worked on me with thought, compassion and perfection and didn’t compromise integrity. I wanted this short and concise so it would be read but it’s just impossible. Can’t quit without praising Argy and Allie, thanks for your help and attention. I love that she has offices now in Mexico and the states. Good luck with your mouth journey.

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Thomas Finch

Dr. Amy Khajavi is a talented Doctor with a very caring nature. She goes out of her way to make the implant procedures a great experience. I wish I could give her more than 5 stars.

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Danny Ayala

Great experience at Center for ceramic dental implants in Murrieta. I has two implants done with no complications. I will refer the office to my friends.