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Grant Walpole

This place is fabulous. Dr. Akef is superb at what he does, a real artiste. All the staff are super friendly and helpful. Highly recommended!!!

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Ameerah E

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David Cummings

I am very pleased so far with the work completed at San Diego Dental Implants & Periodontics. I had a sinus graft to prepare for three dental implants including a bone graft for another implant. That's four implants completed. Something, I thought was not possible I've lost all four of the teeth over 15 years ago and had no bone. The cost was very affordable. I've has many quotes over the years and Dr. Akef was able to deliver for less.

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Felora M. Manesh

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Mike Cummings

Dr. Akef is an excellent technician. He treated my periodontal disease successfully and completed 3 dental implants including bone grafts because I did not have sufficient bone for the dental implants. I am happy with the results and have referred him to a few family members

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Olivia Nobre

My experience with Dr. Akef was exceptional from start to finish. From the moment I walked into the office, I was treated with care and attentive customer service. Dr. Akef knew exactly what I was looking for within minutes of showing him my gums. He performed a procedure to align my gum line for a more symmetrical look. Throughout the procedure I was really impressed with Dr. Akef's attention to how I was feeling, and his detailed eye for aesthetics. When numbing my mouth, he was extremely delicate and took his time, so the process was essentially pain-free! I would highly recommend Dr. Akef, and De Anza Dentistry!

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Will Bernardino

Nothing but SPECTACULAR is my description to Dr. Akef's care, expertise, professionalism and his humor! All the staffs especially Yolanda has provided excellent customer service and care. I am very very happy for coming to Dr. Akef's Dental Office. :-)

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Lorri Callahan

Dr Akef is The best. Very gentle and shows genuine care and concern. I had implants done and they fit perfectly the first time and his lab guy is the best. I highly recommend him

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Parisa Rezvani

I've been going to De Anza Dentistry for years now. Whenever I need to go to the dentist for either a routine visit or to fix some problem, I always feel safe with his level of care and trust that he'll be very thorough. I used to eat a lot of sweets (I was a sugar fiend. What can I say?!?) and as a result I got a number of cavities but when I went to get them filled and crowned, I felt really comfortable during and after the procedure. I highly recommend them!

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Oxana Kazarina

I do recommend dr. Akef for dental implants and other dental services his office provides. his staff is also great. if you can get an appointment with the hygienist he is great. If i need implants, i do have the peace of mind and know where to go; so i don't have to either shop around or worry about quality. i do recommend dr. akef.

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Bahareh Rezvani

The Dentists in De Anza Dentistry did worked on one of my tooth that needed a crown replacement. The procedure was done with great care and made me as comfortable as I could be and I am appreciative of their professional attitude in taking care of me.

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Reza J.

De Anza Dentistry is one of the modern dental offices that I have seen. This facility has the state-of-the-art equipment and they have gone digital long time ago. We have been Dr. Akef patient for many years. Dr. Akef continuously assesses the work of his team to make sure it remains at a very high standard. Our experience with him and his office has always been smooth, no-hassle, straight-forward, simple, easy, and positive. Dr. Akef is a perfectionist and always makes decisions in interest of her patients. He makes sure the patient clearly understands the issues and the possible solutions. I highly recommend De Anza Dentistry to any one who is looking for an outstanding dental office!

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Gor Rila

Needed a Dentist, a Doctor or any professional of importance I always consulted those who I considered old, wise, and worldly. Never bothered with the reviews on the Internet. Being an old, wise and worldly gentleman myself I had such a contact recently from a friend who needed extensive dental work. Without hesitation I recommended both dentists in De Anza Dentistry as I have done many times before. With my wife, who also is wise and worldly, (and no I am not going to say the other!) we have received excellent dental care of all sorts, implants, crowns, bridges, and the works, from the two dentists in the clinic. When you are as old as we are you might as well live next door to a good dentist. The friend took my advice and called me later to thank me for the referral and said, "BTW, you have not written your opinion on the net." I said, "I do not believe in that stuff." He quickly answered, "But as a wise, old, and worldly man you will be helping more people than one at a time. Write it old man." For a change I had no response. So here I am and if you are as wise, and worldly as I am and need dental care need go no further.

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Bob Yoco

Most thorough checkup I've ever had. Been to 8+ dentists. Highly recommend

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Morteza Rezvani

My wife and I had been going to a general dentist for many years. After having repeated problems with sensitive teeth we were referred to Dr. Akef at De Anza Dentistry. With their high resolution x-ray machines, Dr. Akef showed us how the previous dentist had installed faulty crowns on our teeth for both my wife and I. We sent the x-rays to the previous dentist, who accepted his mistakes and refunded our money. Dr. Akef, who is a Periodontist, also diagnosed extensive bone loss around one of my teeth, something that should have been diagnosed by the previous dentist before it became so extensive. Dr. Akef made new crowns for both my wife and I, and did bone graft to remedy the bone loss. We're so appreciative of what Dr. Akef and his staff have done for my wife and I, and recommend him highly.

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Bob Afshin

Dr. Akef has taken care of my dental needs for the past 5 years. He is knowledgeable, kind, gentle and courteous. I recommend him to anyone looking for a true professional to take care of their gums and teeth.

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Soon Ko

I went to see Dr. Akef since I needed an implant. The first procedure was least painful among all other my implant surgeries (which were quite a few.) While I was waiting for it to heal, my crown on one of old implants broke. Dr. Akef took time to find the matching part for it and made a crown for me. About six months later, I got my crown on the implant he worked on earlier. I am quite happy about the result. If I need another dental work, I will go to Dr. Akef.

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Dave C

I was referred to De Anza Dentistry by a family member. I have always been skeptical of dentists because I had a bad experience many years ago with a crown that failed and I had to have it done over. However, Dr. Akef reassured me that I should not worry too much because he has handled thousands of cases similar to mine. I am getting 4 dental implants and bone grafts and I am very happy with the total cost the procedures. Finally I will be able to show a full smile for an affordable price...

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Alex A

I had an implant done at De Anza dentistry by dr. Akef about a year ago. He also did a crown lengthening for between two other teeth after another dentist in Carlsbad totally messed up my teeth. I have had other bad experiences with root canals, crowns & so forth at different dental offices throughout many years so i am usually skeptical about doctors and dentists in general having some medical research background; but i should say that the dental implant experience i had with this doctor was the most comfortable and easiest procedure i have ever gone through. Now after a year I am very satisfied with dr. Akef's work and i do recommend him. I thought that i had to do bone graft after many years of having an empty spot but the dr. akef said that he would do his best to avoid bone graft if he could and he did. I do recommend him highly. hopefully i wont need another implant for another tooth but if i do without hesitation i would go back to him.

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Michael Fassihi

I have known doctor Jay Akef as my dental implant specialist and periodontist for over 15 years, since he did my first implant while I was living in San Diego area. I was very much impressed with his skill, knowledge, and professionalism. Recently, when I needed another implant, although I had moved away to Valencia California, some four hours drive away through Los Angeles traffic, I did not hesitate to call upon him to do the implant.Although an implant surgery is by no means a simple operation, his skill and professionalism afforded the patients in his office, make the experience not an unpleasant one, but a comfortable one. I also credit his staff for providing the patients a calming atmosphere, and minimizing their stress. Based on my experience, I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Akef and the De Anza Dentistry to anyone contemplating dental implants, or or any other dental care needs; they specialize in a complete dental care.

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Bob badiee

I have been a patient of De Anza Dentistry for a few years now. Dr. Akef and his staff are very caring, and efficient. I have a busy schedule and know if I have an appointment, I am seen in a timely fashion and aren't kept waiting. Dr. Akef always takes time to make sure I understand the treatment to be done and is very gentle. I have also seen other Doctors in this office and like Dr. Akef, they make me feel at ease and do a great job. I have and will recommend Dr. Akef to all my family and friends.

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Brian Kendrick

I was referred to Dr. Jay Akef by another dentist for periodontal disease treatment and dental implants. He was very knowledgeable and explained that four of my teeth which had developed periodontal disease can be saved by bone grafting. I had the periodontal disease treatment and bone grafting done and it worked. I was able to save all four teeth. I ended up only needing one dental implant.

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Mehrdad Dashti

After having numerous unsatisfactory experience at other dental offices, I was referred to Dr. Akef and brought my mother to De Anza Dentistry for her needed work. We couldn'ít be happier in the results and professionalism that the entire staff has shown us. After my momí's extensive implant procedures were done, I recommended my other members of family to see Dr. Akef for their needed work and preventative procedures. Needless to say that we are all very happy with the results and care that Dr. Akef has consistently presented. I highly recommend De Anza Dentistry to anyone in need of a great periodontist and general dentist.

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Parisa R.

I've been going to De Anza Dentistry for years now. Whenever I need to go to the dentist for either a routine visit or to fix some problem, I always feel safe with their level of care and trust that he'll be very thorough. I used to eat a lot of sweets (I was a sugar fiend. What can I say?!?) and as a result I got a number of cavities but when I went to get them filled and crowned, I felt really comfortable during and after the procedure. I highly recommend Dr. Akef!

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Michaelanne Gephart

I have been going to Dr. Akef and his hygienist for over 10 years for periodontal care and treatment. His staff is knowledgeable, courteous,and very efficient. I trust Dr. Akef's with my dental care and highly recommend him for anyone looking for excellent periodontal care.

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Olivia N.

I had an absolutely awesome experience with De Anza Dentistry for my gum surgery!! Throughout the entire process, both the staff and the dentist, Dr. Akef, treated me with so much care and respect. The front staff was friendly and very efficient with all my appointment scheduling, paperwork and billing. The Dr. took his time applying the anesthesia so it was pretty much painless, and the procedure itself went smoothly with no complications following. After seeing Dr. Akef a couple of times, I now have a much more beautiful smile and couldn't be happier! I'm glad I finally got this procedure done, and was so well taken care of.

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